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Using a scientific approach, Niteman Paranormal attempts to record solid proof of paranormal acivity.  By using the latest technology, we try to establish a pattern to alleged acitivity by following up on our cases and documenting all data collected over a period of time.  Our group is well respected in the community which we can prove with a lengthy list of references to previous clients.We DO NOT use Ouija boards, dowsing rods or seances during our investigations.  Upon request, all client information can be kept strictly confidential.  If you feel that you may be experiencing paranormal activity, please contact us at our customer care link to set up a client interview.

The picture below was taken at a Bed & Breakfast in Alexandria IN


The Group is based in Indiana just east of  Indianapolis.
We have been researching the Paranormal since 2003. 

Nitemans Paranormal Group is a non-profit organization. We Investigate, poltergeist, haunting type phenomena or demonic presences. At No Time Will the client Be asked for compensation. Nitemans Paranormal will supply all equipment used during the investigation.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Whats your opinion
Is paranormal investigations just a fad or is there a real need for the service.
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Paranormal Groups
Do you think  Groups should always share thier findings with other groups in the same area.
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